Chiang Mai Local Dishes, a Must Try List

If you’re looking for a holiday in Chiang Mai, one of things you must try is the local Chiang Mai
dishes. It’s hard to imagine yourself being a fan of local northern style dishes when you grew up
in another cultural household. Many of you might like the taste and flavors of your hometown’s
food but if you’re coming to Chiang Mai, the following local Chiang Mai dishes should definitely
go to your must try list:

Khao Soi

Khao Soi is without doubt one of the most well known dishes in Thailand. The yellow curry
noodle soup is rich and creamy in flavor, usually served with shallots, pickled cabbage, and
slabs of lime. The homemade noodle is served either as part of the dish, or fried as a topping for
a crispy texture. A variety of meat like pork or beef can be selected but a tender piece of
chicken drumstick is usually already added as a part of the broth.

Sai Ua

Sai Ua is a traditional Northeastern-style grilled pork sausage, usually eaten as a starter or a
snack. The traditional style sausage is packed with flavors and smells of local herbs and spices.
It is mixed with ground pork and a delicious khang kua red curry paste that will leave you
craving for more.

Nam Prik Ong

Nam Prik Ong is a popular Northern Thai style chili-based dip. It is milder in taste when
compared to other traditional Thai style “Nam Priks’ ‘. Fresh organic tomatoes are added for a
sweet and acidic zest, and combined with an overpowering fermented shrimp paste for a salty
and savory flavor. It is often eaten alongside steamed vegetables, crispy pork and hot sticky

Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao

Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao is a sour and spicy, tomato-based, Burmese inspired Thai stew. The
taste is tangy yet light and fresh. Cubed blood jelly, pork bones or beef, and dried roasted
chillies complete the dish with a fullness of flavor and a smoky feel. Kanom jean (homemade
rice noodles), kaeb moo (crispy pork skin) and boiled vegetables are usually eaten with the
delicious stew.

Gaeng Hang Lay Moo

Gaeng Hang Lay Moo curry is another Burmese inspired Thai dish. The curry is made of a
yellow tamarind soup and filled with slowly cooked tender pork belly. Coconut cream is not an
ingredient of this savory curry dish, but it sure delivers the taste of a traditional northern-style

Miang Kham

Miang Kham is a fast, fun and enjoyable Thai-style appetizer. It comes in a “one-bite” size wrap
but is packed with a combination of fillings that go surprisingly well together. Bai cha plu (wild
pepper leaves) gives it bitterness, fresh cut red chili gives it spice, diced lime gives it sourness,
dried shrimp gives it a pungent and salty flavor, whilst the syrup and roasted coconut gives it
sweetness and smokiness. All can be eaten together in one lovely bite or singularly – anything
that works for you!

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