Best Chiang Mai Markets

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

If you’re looking for a night market with almost about anything for a cheap price, then the ChiangMai Night Bazaar might just be it for you. The popular Chiang Mai night market is situated in between Chang Klan road and Loi Kroh road, only 10-15 minutes away from our beautiful Rimping Villag Boutique Hotel. It opens at around 5pm and closes at around 12am everyday. This means 365 days a year!

There are many ways to explore the buzzing night market, but the best way to do this is to start
by walking from Chang Klan Road then slowly stroll your way up to Loi Kroh Road. The length of
the market varies depending on the amount of stores open on that day. Dive in the eccentricity
of cultures and stop by for a few low-price Chiang Mai souvenirs. Soak yourself in old vintage
watches, classic CDs, DVDs, timeless Chiang Mai textiles and antique traditional northern-style
jewelry. All of which can be bought and bargained for a cheaper price.

After a long wander in the moody lights of the night market, it’s finally time for a good fill-up in
the stomach. Find yourself drenching in all kinds of foods, from local Chiang Mai dishes like
nam priks, curries and noodles to fast foods like McDonalds’, Subway and Starbucks. We
suggest you go for the local Chiang Mai dishes and give the exotic foods like scorpions and
insects a try! You can also choose to sit or pass by the central stage, where street musicians
usually perform guitar solos, or sing for the night. Don’t forget to leave some extra tips if you do pass by any of these hardworking street performers!

Rimping Village guests are always welcomed to ask for assistance on transportation to the
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

ThaPae Walking Street (Sunday Market)

ThaPae Walking Street or the Sunday Market is a 1km and a half road stretch and one of the
biggest walking streets in Chiang Mai. It is about 10 minutes away from our relaxing Rimping
Village Boutique Hotel, transportations can be provided for all guests of the Hotel. Like the
name, the market comes alive on a Sunday afternoon. By 5pm, a display of stores should
already be visible down the Ratchadamnoen Road, and by midnight the majority of the stalls
should already be closed down.

This Sunday market is especially popular not only for the native Thais, but also for visitors like
tourists and foreigners. This is because a lot of cultural products, local handmade souvenirs,
and regional foods are sold here for an affordable price. Amble down the busyness of this
fascinating and flamboyant road. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the vibrant acrylic,
watercolor, collage artworks and paintings. Take home your favorite Lanna style lanterns, and
colorful wooden handmade bowls or keychains for your family and friends.

Don’t forget to try out some traditional Northern-style foods like curries and Kanom Jeen Nam
Ngiao (spicy noodle soup), and catch a sight of the local Chiang Mai performers. And enjoy a
quick massage rub along the way whilst listening to traditional Thai-style live music

The walking street is only open on Sundays, so make sure that if you are staying for the
weekend, this is noted on your calendar. You wouldn’t want to miss all the excitement and the
fun that this market has to offer!

Warorot Market (Kad Luang)

Warorot Market or Kad Luang is a huge complex market area. Unlike other Chiang Mai night
markets, Kad Luang opens daily from 5am to 6pm everyday. It is located on Chang Moi road,
Chinatown near the Ping River. It is 5 minutes away by car, and only 15 minutes away by
walking from Rimping Village!

The market is a promiseland for all cooks and chefs. A selection of goods and fresh products
can be found in this neverending market store. Exotic Chiang Mai fruits (Longan), vegetables,
organic herbs, dried condiments, sauces and all types of produce can be found here. One of the
most popular local Chiang Mai products we recommend you take home is the unique Northern
Thai-style Sai Oua (sausages), Cap Moo (crispy pork skin), Khao Soi Noodles, and Nam Prik
Ong or Nam Prik Noom (northern-style chili-dips). All of which can be bought packaged, or can
be eaten right away at the market – for cheap!

Warorot Market is also a great opportunity to really immerse yourself in the extremely native and local culture of Chiang Mai people. The market is a place where most district Chiang Mai restaurants buy ngredients for foods, so not a lot of tourists travel here. However, all are welcomed to relish in this fantastic experience!

Chang Puak Gate Market (Elephant Gate Market)

The swarming outdoor Chang Puak Gate market, is a food market open everyday from 5pm to
12am. It is located on the Manee Nopparat Road. It is known for its cheap Thai street food
delicacies and authentic local style dishes. There are countless street food shops inside the
Chang Puak Gate Market itself. Take your time to deliberately tour the inviting and gigantic food
stores. Make sure that you take a look around everything before you decide to get something for yourself because the amount of foods and food stores is innumerable!

Several dishes that might go into your list of the things you should try from the Chang Puak
Gate Market are noodle soups, meat balls, barbequed meats, seafood, organic fruits, juices and
Thai desserts. Noodle soups are extremely common and popular in this night market. The
sweetness of the boiling, slowly simmered tender broth is immaculate. This is added on with the
softly cooked shiny homemade noodles that are cautiously tossed in the thai-style colander.

Have a try of all Chiang Mai local intricacies and have an amazing time exploring all of Chiang
Mai’s greatest Markets and Night Markets, while staying at Rimping Village.